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What You Need To Sell On Poshmark

So you want to sell on Poshmark, eh? Poshmark is a buying/selling platform dedicated to selling a WHOLE LOTTA stuff, but most known for clothes. In addition to clothing (men’s, women’s, and children), you can also sell accessories, make up, and shoes.

To get started:

1- A computer OR phone/tablet. Yes, that’s right! You can use Posh on either the app or browser.

2- FREE shipping supplies. Did you know the U.S. Postal Service will deliver free priority mailers? Poshmark shipping labels are priority postage! Perfect for those free mailers I just mentioned. *Make sure you are NOT using flat rate boxes. 
You can also use any box or polymailer you have laying around. I just like to maximize my bottom line. 😉

4- Printer (not pictured). Printing your labels at home is the best! I have a wireless printer and can email the labels to my printer from anywhere!

5- Tape measurer. The one linked below is under $4!

5- Scissors/packing tape.

poshmark supplies

That’s it! So for just a little bit of money you can get your clothes selling operation running quicker and more efficient! Anything I forgot? Do you have an awesome tip? Drop a comment ’cause I’d love to hear it!

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Why You Should Sell Shoes

I love selling shoes! I prefer selling kid shoes over adult shoes, if I’m being specific, but they can all bring in good money.

I think when some people start out in resale, they think “Who wants someone else’s dirty shoes?” but the answer is, A LOT of people! Everyone has to wear shoes, they are expensive, and with a little elbow grease, you can make used shoes look great.

Cleaning used shoes:

    • If at all possible, I just throw them in the wash! Definitely a no no for certain materials, but if it’s just a basic tennis shoe I always start with the washing machine on cold, delicate, and with a bunch of towels.
    • Use magic erasers! These are great for any rubber areas. Converse shoes clean up SO NICE when you use these guys.

Sometimes, there are shoes that may require a little more work. If I think it’s worth my time (remember time = money), then I do it. If not, I do the minimum above and list as is. I’m always clear about flaws and even add suggestions like, “if you swap the laces out, these will look brand new!”.

Here are some great used shoes I’ve made money on:


For more on shoes, check out this post:

MM real or fake

this post contains affiliate links

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What You Need To Sell On Kidizen

Hey ya’ll! A quick post today about what supplies you need to get started selling on Kidizen. Kidizen is a buying/selling platform dedicated to children’s clothes and accessories only.

Okay, so what do you need to get started?

1- A phone or tablet. Kidizen is an app, so you need a way to upload your listing. *NOTE: They are rolling out web browser listing! However, you still need the app for shipping labels, communications, buying, etc.*kidizen-share3

2- A scale. I guess technically you don’t NEED a scale, but without it, you will definitely overpay for shipping. Kidizen offers shipping labels based on small, medium, or large packages, but can you tell the difference between a 15 ounce package and a 16 ounce package? I can’t! I use a scale to put in an exact weight and I pay for exact shipping. (Side note: when in doubt, always round up your package weight to ensure enough postage so your buyer doesn’t get stuck with the balance!!) My scale isn’t anything fancy. This isn’t exactly it, but pretty close:

3- Shipping envelope. Nine times out of ten I’m using a polymailer. Nothing crazy here! They make them in a lot of fun colors and prints, but I keep it simple.

I also keep random boxes around, along with bubble wrap and some free priority boxes/mailers from the Post Office.

4- Printer (not pictured). Printing your labels at home is the best! I have a wireless printer and can email the labels to my printer from anywhere!

5- Scissors/packing tape. I hope the scissors are self explanatory. 😉 And for tape, I use clear packing or shipping tape.

kidizen supplies

That’s it! So for just a little bit of money you can get your clothes selling operation running quicker and more efficient! Anything I forgot? Do you have an awesome tip? Drop a comment ’cause I’d love to hear it!

This post contains affiliate links.

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What I Don’t Sell

Usually when I get to talking to someone about my resale business, eventually they ask “What do you sell?” and my immediate reply tends to be something like “anything!”, but really that’s not entirely accurate. There are plenty of things I don’t like to sell because the numbers just don’t add up. Of course sometimes I end up with a very tiny profit anyway (have you read about my 77 cent profit yet??) but it’s not something I try to do often. Here’s a bit of a list of what I don’t sell and why:

What I Don't Sell

Itty bitty baby clothes:

When someone is having a baby, part of that excitement is the anticipation and the careful and deliberate planning. It’s fun! It’s new! And guess what? No one wants your used onesies! There are some higher end brands that I do look out for (Kissy Kissy is one), but otherwise I don’t bother. Even bundling these items means they will sit for much longer than I want and then sell for much less than I want.

Cheap denim:

Denim is a heavy fabric whether it’s high end or low end. Shipping a pair of jeans will automatically dip into your profits just because of the weight and this is true regardless of whether they are children’s jeans or adult’s jeans. Sure, children’s jeans might eat into your profits a little less, but heavy is heavy. Cheaper denim brands aren’t worth it.

Fragile items:

I’ve learned during my resale time there is a lot of money to be made in place settings and coffee mugs, but there’s are just not my cup of tea (GET IT???). I try not to sell many things that have a higher likelihood of breaking in transit. No matter how well I pack, there’s no way to know how it will get treated in transit.

Clothes from “big box” stores:

Yes, I’m looking at you Target! Ok, some may disagree with me on this but I do not resell anything from Target. As adorable as it is, it’s too cheap to make a profit that I’m happy with. The only time I sell Target clothes is when it’s from my own children and therefore, “free”. Same goes for Walmart, Kohl’s, etc.

Remember, these are just recommendations based on my preferences. Have I at one time or another sold something from each of these categories?? Definitely, but based off of previous experiences, I make a conscious effort not to.

*This article mainly applies to Kidizen and eBay in which sellers are (or may be) responsible for shipping. On Poshmark, buyers pay a flat shipping rate which can make it easier to sell heavier or bulkier items.*

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Working Through The Overwhelm In Resale

Happy November! Hope you had a wonderfully candy-filled Halloween! I think I’m still recovering…

So, full disclosure, the last 10 days or so I have just been feeling OVERWHELMED (hence, no posts). We just had a lot going on at home and then I had 2 clients drop off consignment items in the same week. Of course I’m not complaining about opportunities to make money and progress my business, BUT getting a total of 8 bags in 2 days had me feeling totally paralyzed.

I am definitely a sufferer of “analysis paralysis”. I spend a lot of time analyzing, and normally I’m okay with it (it’s just how I am!), but this week I really needed to make some decisions.

So, how do you work through the overwhelm in resale?


Basically, I needed to prioritize. Here’s what I decided:

  • Put my own items aside for a bit and focus on my clients
  • Focus on client #1 in order to finish organizing and itemizing within the 7-10 day window
  • If necessary, push towards the end of my 7-10 window with client #2
  • Take heaps of photos
  • Start writing eBay drafts in one sitting

Phew! The reason I focus on taking lots of pictures and writing lots of drafts is that I am able to quickly list anytime or anywhere once the draft is written. Waiting for the school bus? List! Waiting for my pot to boil? List! Kids in the tub? List!

Things are taking a little longer than I had hoped, but at least the feelings of overwhelm are mostly gone. I’m just keeping my eye on the prize (it’s Q4!) and plugging along.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in resale, what do you do? Any tips? How is your Q4 shaping up??

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The Highs and Lows of Resale

Just the other day I experienced something I feel is worth noting. In the span of about 6 hours, I made one of my largest single sale profits, followed by one of my smallest single sale profits.

First, the good! I sold an amazing Diane Von Furstenburg piece for $160. After fees, shipping, and initial investment, I cleared about $130. Yay!

Now, the not so good. I sold one of Lauren Conrad’s beauty books that I owned for myself. I haven’t read it in a while so I listed it but it had barely gotten any attention. It finally sold for just less than $6. It’s a heavy book and even with media mail shipping it cost over $3 to mail. Remove the fees and I was left with a whopping 77 cents!

But THIS is the resale game. While that LC book didn’t bring me much in terms of profit, it brought someone, who turned into a buyer, into my store. Everyday isn’t a Diane Von Furstenburg day, but FORTUNATELY, not everyday is a Lauren Conrad day either. 🙂 Happy sales!

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Sourcing Inventory: Your Home

The lowest risk way to get into resale is to simply start selling your own stuff. It’s already sitting there and you aren’t paying for it outright. The worst thing that could happen is you keep it or end up donating it. Not a bad way to dip your feet in!

  • Go through everyone’s closet and purge. Don’t limit yourself to just your clothes closets. Go check your coat closet for seasonal gear and check your linen closet for vintage sheets.
  • Condense your holiday decor. Some holiday items sell all year round so don’t worry about timing.
  • Before you donate or throw anything non-clothing away, check EBay! Seriously, people buy almost anything. Make sure it follows the rules, of course, but you’d be surprised.
  • Avoid emotional attachment and knowing how much something is “worth”. If you’ve ever sold a house, I’m sure you’ve heard your realtor say that your home is only worth what someone is going to pay for it. Sure you might love your custom blah-blah-blah but that doesn’t mean someone else cares. Well, it’s the same in resale too. Just because you paid $100 for that amazing lace dress you’ve worn once doesn’t mean you are going to find anyone to pay $99 for it. Remove your emotions and give it a reasonable price.
  • If it brings you joy, DON’T SELL IT! Seriously. Unless you are in some kind of financial bind, don’t sell anything that makes you happy. For example, my kids had a couple of their dad’s old Goosebumps books (remember those!?!). I started digging around thrift stores to add to the collection in the hopes of selling as one big lot. But as I started buying more, I remembered how much I loved these books as a kid and I don’t want to sell them. So now I search for them to keep instead of sell. I don’t know if the kids will ever care, but I do!

sourcing inventory home.jpg

Now that you’ve got some ideas, check out my reviews for where and how to sell.

Kidizen – children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories

Poshmark – children’s, women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories

EBayalmost everything

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Money Maker: Vintage Tamagotchis

Do you remember the virtual pet craze?? When we had to take care of little pixelated animals stuck on a keyring? Ah, a simpler time! Recently, my in laws let me raid their basement for some resale treasures. I took home a bunch of toys but didn’t really know what to expect.


I ended up selling two Tamagotchis and one Digimon for a total of about $70. I had no idea if any of them worked. There were no batteries in them and I didn’t test them. Of course, I was clear about that in my listings.


The one in the packaging brought the most money in, so if you have any boxes, instructions, etc, definitely price those higher.


These can be sold on EBay or Kidizen, but not Poshmark. Lastly, Tamagotchis are COMING BACK! How cool! They are slated for re-release in November 2017, but buyers are still going to want the original so get yours listed!

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EBay: Review

EBay! The mother of all resale! The most intimidating beast of all platforms! Or is it??? There are what feels like endless options and decisions to make when it comes to listing on EBay, but I’ll do my best to simplify and share what works for me. Please note that this post is just a review and a very basic tutorial for getting started. There are any numbers of blogs or sellers that might tell you different, and I think that’s what makes EBay so scary to jump into. But let’s start with some easy information so you can get your feet wet and make a sale!

First, EBay does a great job at making both the browser version and the app version pretty seamless. In fact, in some instances, I toggle between the two at the same time. So unlike Kidizen and Poshmark, you are not limited to using a specific version for specific things.


Are there people out there who haven’t purchased on EBay yet? I think the vast majority of people buy on EBay before they even think about selling.

Buying is simple but searching for the right items can be cumbersome. I recommend using the specific parameters on the left side to customize your search as much as possible.

Like most resale platforms, you can choose to pay with PayPal. If you use EBates you can sometimes get cash back on any EBay purchases as well. If you need an EBates account (they’re free!) sign up with my referral here (we both get free money!): EBates


For consistency’s sake, I’m going to give instructions and tips based on the app. Using the app to sell is the quickest and easiest. (HOWEVER, because I list many things at one time, I now typically use the web version. The web version is preferred for bulk listings and I’ll address that in another post.)

In your app, select Selling and then List An Item.


In the search bar, put in a couple of keywords. I like to include the brand, what it is, and a general idea of category (i.e. men’s, women’s, book, game, etc).


Once I search, I’ll get a list of some other listings that maybe I want to base my listing from. I like to give this a look through but unless it’s my exact item in a very similar condition, I like to click Start a New Listing from the bottom.


Now, enter your item’s deets! You can have up to 12 photos, so use them. Make sure your category is correct and enter anything that distinguishes your items from someone else’s.




I’m adding a shipping category in this review because it’s not as straightforward as other platforms. You need to have a really good idea of how you will ship your items before listing. I recommend always selecting Economy shipping and using current postage rates to determine how much you charge. 

paypal rates
Please note: rates are ALWAYS subject to change. This is just a quick reference guide.

If your items are heavier than 16 ounces, try to fit it into a Padded Flat Rate envelope, which you can order from



  • Use a square photo as your cover shot.
  • Include measurements as much as possible!
  • EBay takes a fee from your sale price AND your shipping price, so factor those in accordingly.
  • Ship in a timely matter and definitely within whatever handling time you have selected.


  • I love that I can list items and then forget about them until I hear that nice little cha-ching sound. No bumps, no shares, no pressure!
  • Accepts almost anything!
  • Hundreds of thousands of buyers = huge potential for $$$!!!


  • There are more things to think about when it comes to creating listings. This just takes trial and error to see what options work best for you and your inventory.
  • Heavy competition. You will most likely not be the only one selling your product/item.

Ebay review

I know, EBay seems like a giant. And chances are you will make a sale that ends up losing you money. It happens! But with a little practice and a little homework, EBay can make you a whole lot of money!

Feel free to comment with your questions or EBay success stories! I’d love to hear them.

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Money Maker: Mini Melissa

Mini Melissa (and it’s mommy brand Melissa) is a brand I never heard of until I started reselling. Frankly, they are a little rich for my blood! Depending on style, Mini Melissas can run $50+! So as you can imagine, this creates a great opportunity for resale. If you wouldn’t pay full price for some (insanely adorable) rubber kid shoes, then neither would tons of other mommas.

I’ve sold a number of styles of Mini Melissa and Melissa. I find that you can turn a bit of profit no matter the condition, as long as you price accordingly. My favorite sale has been a pair of clear green ballet shoes.

Mini Melissa w logo (1)
Mini Melissa Ballet Shoes

Notice these are not in perfect condition. The outsides had no flaws but the foot pads are dingy. I scrubbed them a bit but there wasn’t much else to be done. Still, these were sold (via Instagram) for $32!

As I mentioned earlier, Mini Melissas are pricey and therefore you can definitely find some fake options from China. I don’t ever recommend going this route but I mention it because you should be aware of the phonies! I have purchased FAKE Mini Melissas because I didn’t properly check them out. If you want more information on how to spot real MMs versus fake MMs, check out this post or click the image below. Mini Melissa: Real versus Fake

MM real or fake