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Increasing Sales on Kidizen

Happy May! We are home from vacation, and truthfully, my sales took a bigger dive than I was hoping for while we were away. Ah, c’est la vie! { We were in France 😉 } But it made me start thinking about what I could do to increase my sales on Kidizen.

First, if you need a little background info, read my review of Kidizen. If you are interested in signing up, click here.

Here’s my advice when you hit a bit of a slump.

  • Delete and Relist:
    • I understand that it seems silly to delete items if you want them to sell but sometimes listings just get STALE. If you aren’t 100% happy with your pictures, delete and add new ones. Instead of changing changing up your description, delete and rewrite it. Why delete? Because most users are now shopping through the homescreen “Just Listed” section. Deleting and relisting puts your items back in the place where they will get the most eyes on them!
  • Bump Groups:
    • Okay, this is a “controversial” one. Many users absolutely swear by bumping while others call it a huge waste of time. Bumping is commenting on another shop’s listings to bring them into the top of the main feed, so that they will in turn bump YOUR items to the top of the feed. You can do this organically or you can jump into an “official” bump listing. Just search “bump” in the search bar, choose a listing, and read the rules!

Hope that helps!

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Make Sales On Kidizen While On Vacation

Howdy! We have a big (and fairly long) vacation coming up, which is so exciting! BUT, when you make money online, you really need to consider how vacations impact your sales. Truthfully I don’t think about it THAT much because what I love so much about resale is that it works around my schedule. However, with a few steps, I can continue to make money even while away.

How to put your Kidizen shop on vacation:

    1. First, tap the little gears button on your shop’s homepage.
    2. Then, tap shop settings.
    3. When in shop settings, tap the blue button to put your shop in vacation mode.


  1. Be sure to save!


Now, here’s the important stuff! Kidizen gives you a 7 day window to ship. If your vacation is LESS than 7 days and you can ship within your window, then do NOT put your shop on vacation! Simply change your bio and make a note that you’ll ship on XX date.

If your vacation is longer than 7 days, put your shop on vacation, but then take it off once you’ll be back within the shipping window.

By minimizing the amount of time your shop is in vacation mode, you can still make those sales!

If you’d like to try Kidizen, feel free to use my referral code – trw8q or use this link:

Disclosure: By using a referral, we each get a $5 credit when you make your first purchase.

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Reselling Lilly Pulitzer: WHITE label vs PINK label


I think these are my favorite posts to write. When I was trying to figure out what brands to resell, something like this would have been super helpful. Hopefully at least one of you gets some info out of this… 😉

It’s probably pretty obvious to say that Lilly Pulitzer is a great brand for resale… kind of a “duh”, right? But actually, I’ve had to sit on and take low offers on a lot more Lilly than I would have liked and it’s usually due to the label.


There are a couple of generations of Lilly: white label and pink label. White labels are older and pink labels are newer. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have luck with white labels, but I am not one of them. I’ve started to be a bit more choosy when it comes to reselling Lilly Pulitzer and heavily favor the pink labels. Sometimes the new stuff doesn’t have an actual label, but more like a script written inside the neck. That’s great too!

I’ve also found that in order to make big bucks on a Lilly, it needs to look like a Lilly. If it looks like any other brand, or someone couldn’t guess right away that it’s a Lilly, it will give you a mediocre return. I’ve learned that the hard way too. Bottom line: people who wear Lilly want to look like they’re wearing Lilly.

Here are a couple of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer resales…

Cotton flamingo dress- bought for $3.50, sold for $70.

Travel cases- bought for 99 cents, sold for $45.m_58fa74c59818291f6a019513.jpg

I have the best luck selling Lilly Pulitzer on Poshmark. If you need tips for selling on Poshmark, check these posts:
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Sell any good Lilly lately?? Leave me a comment!

lilly (1)

Credit for the Lilly Pulitzer background image goes to Canadian Prep

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Money Maker: Hatley Rain Gear

Here’s another post in name of “ALWAYS BUY THEM!” unless condition is no bueno, of course.

Hatley makes all kinds of adorable clothes, but it’s their rain gear that buyers look for by name. They have the such fun and vibrant prints that all kids love, but they are well made and chic enough for moms to love too. None of those fake plastic rain coats or sweaty boots please!


The only time Hatley is a do-not-buy from me is when the any of the rubber loops at the top are missing. The whole point is that kids will be able to pull their boots on by themselves. Without that little piece of rubber, they’ve lost part of their appeal.


Shoes are probably my favorite thing to resell. If you’re interested in turning a profit on shoes, check out these posts too:
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Finding Your Thrift Store Unicorn

Ever since I started reselling, there have been a few coveted items that I always hoped to find, but really doubted that I ever would.

At the top of that list? Hunter rain boots! I didn’t care if they were women’s, kid’s, whatever! Yes, it’s a brand that holds its resale value really well but truthfully, I was looking at it like more of a personal challenge.



This is why it’s important to make building your inventory a priority. Thrifting doesn’t need to take a long time, but frequent trips will bring you the most value. It can take me just a few minutes to hit the key spots around the store.

Need more guidance in thrifting for resale? Sourcing Inventory: Thrift Stores

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Fast Nickel or Slow Dime

Happy weekend!

Would you rather have a fast nickel or a slow dime? This is a question I ask myself often in resale. Basically, would I rather make a little less money NOW or would I rather wait to make more money LATER…

And because answers in life are generally shades of gray, so is this.

When I prefer the fast nickel:

  • If I acquired it very cheap or free
  • If I’m having a slow sales month
  • If the offer I’m receiving is reasonable

When I prefer the slow dime:

  • When I’ve done my homework and I KNOW for a fact I have something of value
  • When I’ve invested a lot into it

That’s pretty much it! But if I HAD to choose… I’d take the fast nickel all day long! I’m not the kind of reseller who goes back and forth over a couple of dollars. Your job as a reseller is to MAKE THE SALE! 

What about you? Do you prefer the fast nickel or the slow dime?

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Poshmark Tips & Tricks: NEW! Sending Offers to your Likers

So I’ve had this post as a draft for a few days. It was originally titled “Sharing to Likers” but scratch that because a new update came out and it looks pretty good!

You can now send an offer to anyone who has liked your item! This used to only be available if someone had added your listing to a bundle. But now just a simple “favorite” and you can potentially negotiate some private sales. This is great!

First things first- I always price a little high on Poshmark to account for the fact that buyers really like to make and/or receive offers. If you price your items for exactly what you want, chances are you will get offers that you consider too low. Price them a little higher, play the offer game, and then get sales closer to what you want!

To let buyers know that I am open to offers, I keep an “offer” graphic at the top of my listings. If you don’t have one, or don’t know what I mean, feel free to use the one below.

Now with this new update, whenever someone likes your listing, select “Offer to likers” to hold a private sale and send an offer to all likers! Hopefully this will get some of those stale listings moving!

If you aren’t showing the update yet, don’t worry! It’s coming your way!

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When you get paid: Kidizen vs eBay vs Poshmark

Today I am breaking down the MOST important aspect of reselling- getting paid!! 😉 ‘Cause we ain’t doing this for free, right??


Getting paid on Kidizen depends on one thing- when your package gets scanned at the post office. That’s it! As a seller, you get 7 days to ship and then I’ve found that my packages don’t usually get scanned until overnight. So even if I ship an item the same day, I don’t actually get paid until overnight at some point.

Once your package is scanned, you are paid in “KidBucks”. These KidBucks can be used to either buy within the app, transferred to PayPal, or transferred to your bank account.

Sign up for Kidizen here: Get Kidizen


When you make a sale on eBay, 9 times out of 10 you are paid immediately. The money goes right into your PayPal account. From there you can either spend it or transfer it to your bank account. I love how making sales on eBay is instant gratification!

Sign up for eBay here: Get eBay


Poshmark is definitely the longest wait for getting paid. You do not get paid until your buyer rates/accepts your package OR 3 days after it is received by the buyer, should they not rate your package.

If you’ve never bought on Poshmark, it’s your responsibility to accept the package and rate the item and transaction. Doing this releases the fund to the seller. If, as a buyer, the transaction is never rated or accepted, Poshmark will just automatically release the funds to you. So if you ship immediately, it takes 2 days to reach your buyer, and then they never rate the transaction, you are looking at about a 5-6 day wait for payment.

Once paid, you can either use your funds to shop through Poshmark, or transfer the funds to your bank account.

Sign up for Poshmark here: Get Poshmark

getting paid

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Money Maker: Vintage Children’s Books

Hey everyone! Back with another quick money maker post for you! This time I want to talk about vintage children’s books. Books are a bit of a rabbit hole for me… meaning you can really get suckered into thinking about all the different editions, formats, etc. I’m a big fan of keeping it simple, and when it comes to books, children’s books are a super simple sale.

Here are some great sales I’ve made from children’s books:


Disney’s Gummi Bears: purchased for $1.15 and sold for $18.99

s-l1600 (1)

Vintage paper dolls book: purchased for $1.15 and sold for $28


Bony-Legs: Acquired free and sold for $16.99

The Wuzzles: purchased for $1.15 and sold for $10.75

When selling books it is very important to protect them possible inclement weather during the shipping process. Books should always be double bagged! I like to use simple clear plastic bags inside a durable polymailer.

clear plastic bags for inside

durable polymailer bags for shipping

Lastly, make sure that on EBay, you change your shipping selection to Media Mail! When an item is purchased you must ship it exactly the way it was advertised. You can’t choose the cheaper option (media mail) if your buyer pays for first class!

Each of these books were listed on both Kidizen and EBay.

Read reviews here: Kidizen   |   EBay

Sign up for Kidizen here:
children's books.jpg

This post contains referral and affiliate links.

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Money Maker: Tommy Bahama

Recently, someone came to me asking for help with selling her father-in-law’s clothes. The majority of his clothes were Tommy Bahama, which of course I’ve heard of, but when it comes to resale, it was a new brand for me. Tommy Bahama is known to be a great resale brand when it comes to Hawaiian shirts, however, there weren’t any in this batch.

So is Tommy Bahama worth reselling?

Well, I had the most luck with bundles. I recommend this a lot. Grouping things together allows the buyer to feel like they get a deal while you get to move more inventory. It’s a win-win!

My best bundle sale was 10 pairs of shorts which sold for $99.99 (with free shipping)! And two of those pairs of shorts had a couple of bleach spots!


Making a sale for almost $100 is certainly nothing to scoff at, but keep in mind there was no initial investment in these shorts. If you have 10 pairs of Tommy Bahama shorts just laying around in your house, then YES list them! But are they worth buying to sell them? Let’s look at the math.

In my local thrift store men’s shorts are $3.99. Let’s make it easy and say $4. Ten pairs of TB shorts would cost me $40. After fees and shipping, that $99.99 sale became about $80. If you didn’t offer free shipping, then you are looking at about $88.

Spending $40 in order to make $80 is great. Doubling your money is nothing to scoff at!

BUT, would I have bought these in the store in order to resell them? The answer is no and here’s why:

1- They were bulky and took up A LOT of space. (For me, space and time are two non-monetary ways I consider items to resell. I’m actually kind of a minimalist if you can believe it!)
2- I prefer to at least triple my initial investment. That’s just my general rule of thumb. So yes, doubling my money would have been wonderful but that’s just not enough for me. 🙂

All of the Tommy Bahama items were listed on both Poshmark andEBay, but they all sold on EBay. See my reviews here: Poshmark   /   eBay

Have you ever had any luck selling Tommy Bahama? Drop me a line!